VICCS was founded with one driving vision: to provide full service solutions. Whether the need is short-term, long-term project support, larger project management tasks, or management of large accounts through our national accounts or vendor management programs, VICCS is the IT manager's preferred choice. VICCS has maintained a robust 24+ year relationship with Prime Government Contractors, complementing our 18+ years of experience with DISA/DOD cleared tasks.

The ability to react quickly to change has become a prerequisite to survival in today's business world. Market pressures are placing greater demands on an organization's information infrastructure. Staying on top of new technologies is one factor in corporate competitiveness. VICCS professionals are committed to keeping abreast of the latest information technology services so our clients can get the best of the rapid emergence of new products.

Our commitment has brought us success. We've won numerous Congressional and agency awards for performance and customer service. Furthermore, VICCS has launched IT global staffing services within Great Britain, France, and South East Asia. With our new services, VICCS will further enhance customer service and growth to meet the critical information technology needs of business and industry today.

VICCS strives to provide the highest quality computer & management consulting, application development, information technology, and management information services to governments and the private sector in the United States and internationally. Our 90% client return rate serves as proof of VICCS' success. We're sought after because of our firm grasp on leading practices. VICCS makes an excellent partner, and because of our dynamic enterprise and diversified staff, our financial stability is the envy of our competitors.