DOD Experience

U.S. Customs Service-- VICCS has been given overall responsibility for the system wide SAP implementation for the IBM Customs Project for the Bureau of Census. VICCS was called to perform full life-cycle tasks, and more importantly, to take a leadership role in all phases (analysis, design, development, and system administration) of the SAP implementation. VICCS' team of experienced project managers and professionals are bringing their high-tech e-commerce industry experience into project management expertly blended with extensive knowledge of e-commerce strategies and new industry tools. Their expertise in this project include: project management of methodologies, strong executive relations experience, and exceptional writing and presentation skills. This project management of web design activity integrates ORACLE, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, JAVA BEANS, JSP, SQL, PERL, and other web tools. The SAP effort for IBM's Customs modernization project supports the detail build, configuration and unit testing of this project solution for ABAP programming and Workflow to meet the business requirements produced during the design phase.

Customs and Borders Protection-- VICCS provides Level 1 SAP Help Desk support for the Customs and Borders Protection, Office of Finance, and Facility Management and Engineering Directorate. VICCS also provides Tier 1 Help Desk support, for the software application SAP and Procurement for Public Sector (PPS), for end users at Customs and Border Protection. Our team receives phone calls from the end users with SAP issues, determines the issue, and provides corrective action. We create a support ticket for each issue. This action either provides the resolution to the end user or contacts additional resources (Tier 2) to resolve the issue. Our team members answer an average number of 90 calls per week and support approximately 480 issues per weekly. We bring our wide knowledge of SAP transactions, which cover the areas of Procurement, Property, Fleet Management, Workflow, Training, Security, Finance, Budget, and Citrix. VICCS provides statistical data/reports to the upper management team as to the Help Desk Work Trend Analysis, Login and Logout Report and Break Time Report on a weekly basis. On a monthly basis, generates a Monthly Trend Analysis and Monthly Response Time Reports. To help with growth we also provide SAP basic training to new SAP Help Desk users. We also program and maintain the monthly work schedule for the Help Desk.

U.S. Dept. of Energy, Management Consulting-- As subject matter experts, VICCS has provided functional and technical high level staff with backgrounds in financial management to include various work projects performed at DOE and bringing that expertise into the current efforts for modernization of the Business Model for Information Security. During Phase I of this project, VICCS provided Program Management services for this project. Phase I consisted of needs assessment, software survey, and a cost/benefit analysis of each potential aspect of the proposal system. The product was part of a report and recommendation containing a plan of the work to be accomplished, planning of the work, proposed workload requirements, and recommendations on staffing requirements, with a proposed team make-up to meet staffing needs.

U.S. Navy, Navy OneTouch Project-- VICCS assisted in the management of a full life-cycle project implementation. The stages of the project included architecture design, development, testing, and quality control assurance for a portal-type Web Site. The site serves as a centralized point of access for supply, logistics, and quality of life resources available within the site content framework and through third party content sources for the US Navy. The efforts included completion of technical development as well as cost control and budget management, quality of services and performance, business and customer relations while meeting deadlines.

Kuwait Ministry of Interior Project-- Development/feasibility, study and management, and cost for security assessment and modernization policy and automation in computer generated security badge planning and implementation to include future capacity to expand to other ministries and government agencies outside Kuwait using WAN connecting PCs (which issue bar-coded badges) to mainframe backbone.

Government of Lebanon National Information Policies-- Information infrastructure strategies, feasibility study/technical solution/management and cost for turn-key systems presented as subcontractor to World Bank's Lebanon Administration and Rehabilitation Project which included automated land registration, GIS and vehicle registration inspection, and administration projects. Emphasis on using information technologies to reform and modernize major government business and national administrative systems for economic development. The project included on-site support, interface at ministry level, and document preparation.

Government of The Bahamas Ministry of Education-- Assistance in improving the quality and relevance of Remote Educational Media. Identified and implemented strategies for the production and delivery of instructional material on line and through the Web. Technology assessment based on current and projected needs, followed by creation, computerization and automation of multi-media labs.

Montgomery County, Maryland, USA-- Feasibility study, technical and management cost proposal that provided technical cooperation to review existing tax administration and accounting system, county police GIS system, and fiscalization system which led to modernization and upgrade of current system. The proposal defined development of customized software, integration with current system, installation and training support, human resources capacity, and planning.

USAID (Agency for International Development) Resource Support and Management and Cost Analysis-- Provided modernization for eastern European countries in the areas of financial policy making, tax modernization effort, foreign and domestic investment legislation in regards to computerization based on Global standards.

US Department of Treasury-- Technical/management and cost proposal to provide hardware connectivity and COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) software installation and integration telecommunication-management consulting services.

AT&T-- Technical/management and cost Proposal as subcontractor for Department of Transportation/FAA contract to provide hardware connectivity and COTS software installation and integration.

IBM-- Technical/management and cost proposal/solution as subcontractor for FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), AAS (Airport Automation Systems) project providing software development, software integration plan and implementation. Tested software development and system test plan for Fault Injection Test Tools.

CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation)-- Technical/management and cost proposal/feasibility study and development of GIS software prototype as subcontractor to the US Department of Interior, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in support of generation of the Automated Land Management System providing on-line graphical information on oil well, water well, water tower, aircraft landing strips, roads and political boundaries within the USA.

State of Missouri-- Welfare system management and cost proposal as subcontractor for support of automation of the child care system by collecting information and statistics from remote sites welfare offices to provide data for a new on-line computer system, recording information on birth certificates and other related data.