ERP Solutions

VICCS' Core Competency:
ERP Business Solutions

The objective of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is to integrate the various departments and functional units across a firm onto a single IT system that can serve the specific needs of all the various departments. By implementing this integrated approach, all the various departments can easily communicate and share knowledge amongst each other.

VICCS recognized the potential applications of ERP methodology in 1998, and since then we have been fine tuning our business strategy with ERP applications in mind. VICCS has been implementing ERP solutions for our clients for the past 10 years, and many of our contracts involve full life-cycle ERP development and implementations.

Business process migration and application development involve significant change and require a lot of skills and effort. A daunting challenge in implementing ERP solutions has been to manage the change. VICCS' technical team has focused its efforts to gain a deep understanding of this challenge from the start. More importantly, VICCS has been able to demonstrate to our clients the value added by ERP if it is implemented with the challenge in mind. In this regard, VICCS has been instrumental in assisting our clients' employees in the transition to an ERP environment and making sure that the change is smooth and does not cause any significant delays. Specific tasks and tools that we use to manage the change include training and mentoring procedures, change management methodologies, and self-paced online content as well as printed materials.

ERP solutions that are implemented with the right approach more than justify the costs involved since they greatly enhance an organization's operational efficiencies. VICCS has consistently performed above our clients' expectations, and we have watched our clients succeed in the long term after the ERP implementation was complete.