Human Resouces

Time Reporting

Employee Services Time Sheets:

The following guidelines have been put into place to enable VICCS to accurately review and process your monthly submitted invoices for payment. These are general terms; some projects may differ. Please refer to your Purchase Order for your specific terms.

A workweek begins on Saturday and ends on Friday.

Upon completion of a workweek, all employees and contractors fill out the appropriate time keeping report and fax it to 301-984-1360 or email to each week. Please send on the following Monday afternoon or at the latest by morning of the following Tuesday.

Employees/contractors working on projects on site should follow procedures prescribed at the site (i.e. P-claim/ Labor Claim system, Elance, etc).

E-mail or fax the snapshot of your P-claim when the status says "Complete" to 301-984-1360 or

All other employees/contractors should use the VICCS timesheet unless informed otherwise. VICCS timesheets need to be signed by the employee/contractor and the supervisor.

E-mail or fax the signed timesheet to 301-984-1360 or

FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN NOT BEING INCLUDED IN REPORTS FOR THAT PERIOD. We are now being asked to do Weekly and bi-weekly reports by our clients.

Keep a copy of the signed timesheet for your records. Make as many photocopies of your blank time sheets as you need.

Download Blank Time Sheet.