Human Resouces

VICCS Employee Benefits


Employees at VICCS accrue vacation throughout the year. Vacation must be taken during the same calendar year in which it accrues. **

During the first five calendar years of service with VICCS, employees may accrue ten (10) vacation days per year. After five years of service, this increases to fourteen (14) vacation days. Employees working over ten years, may receive an extra day of vacation per year, with a maximum cap of 20 days.

Employees must utilize their vacation before the year's end. Roll-overs are not authorized. USE IT OR LOSE IT POLICY IS IN EFFECT. Employees leaving through resignation, layoff, or termination prior to the first 90-days probation are NOT eligible for paid vacation. Employees separating from employment with VICCS after the first 90 days of probation will be paid for any unused vacation time.


Employees accrue up to five (5) sick days per calendar year. Any sick day over one (1) day requires doctor's note. **

Sick days not taken during the calendar year in which they accrue may not be carried over to the following calendar year. Employees cannot use their paid sick days prior to completing their 90-day probationary period. Employees separating from employment with VICCS will not be paid for any unused sick time.


Employees receive one (1) personal day per year (8 hours). Employees cannot use their personal day prior to completing their 90-day probationary period. Employees must utilize their personal day before the year's end. Roll-overs are not authorized. **


VICCS provides eight (8) paid holidays per year. VICCS observes the following holidays: **


VICCS employees are eligible for membership in one discount club in a year (e.g., Price club, Sam's, etc.). Submit your membership paid receipt and expense report form to the Accounting Department to be reimbursed for membership fees. **


VICCS' policy is to encourage its employees to participate in the election of government leaders; therefore, flexible time is allowed, at the beginning or end of the workday, to exercise this right. Please be sure to discuss your schedule change with your supervisor to ensure proper coverage of your workstation.


VICCS offers a comprehensive and attractive medical and prescription drug plan to employees at a reasonable cost. Employees are eligible for this plan after 31 days from the end of the calendar month in which the employee begins employment.


Retirement plan SEP-IRA is an employee-funded plan. All full-time and part-time employees are eligible to participate in VICCS' SEP-IRA (employee only contributions) plan immediately.


For Medical, Dental, ST/LT disability, Life Insurance, and SepIRA forms, please contact Human Resources at or visit the Contact Us page.


Employees are entitled to use vacation leave, sick leave, and the personal day only after completing 90 days of employment. Employees are eligible for holiday pay only after completion of 90 days employment period. Holidays are NOT accrued during the 90-days probationary period.

** Subject to 90-days employment benefit eligibility.