SharePoint Workflow Made Simple

The VICCS team has 24+ years of information technology experience and we pride ourselves on the ability to not only work for our clients but work with our clients to develop comprehensive SharePoint workflow solutions. Workflow can be accomplished in SharePoint many ways including such tools as SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio or Nintex workflow 2007. Whether you are looking for a solution which simplifies the process for internal development or seeking a firm to develop, create and document specific processes, you have come to the right place.

Before you seek a professional solution, we encourage you to consider the following.

What is Workflow?

Understanding the new era of workflow is critical to making your project a success. Understanding internal processes and asking questions such as "Why?" "Where?" "How long does it take?" "How can we make this process better?" are key focus areas.

For simplifying purposes, we will break workflow up into the following 3 main categories:

Types of Workflow:

It is critical to note this process can then be linked and built upon. However, taking the simplified unique VICCS proprietary approach focusing on building blocks creates a flexible workflow environment. We place emphasis on interchangeability and operability.

Transition States

The new revolutionary age of digital workflow has positive impacts on the business world as we know it. Automated workflows are powerful and many organizations are benefiting from them.

Benefits of Workflow

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of workflow, types of workflow, and benefits of workflow, it's time to get started.

We encourage you to take a look at the VICCS offered Services and Products.